"​I do what you don't want to do"

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  • Re-Screen by Panels
  • Full Re-Screen
  • Window Framed Screen
  • Lanai/Front Entry
  • Privacy Screen/ Pet Screen/ 20x20 Screen /Others
  • Pet Door
  • Tension Cable Repair/ Installation
    Other Aluminum Enclosure Repair/ Modification

Other Handyman Odd Jobs

The Other Handyman ODD jobs category is base on most of the house maintanice jobs.

"We do what you don't want to do" 

We provide *basic* electrical , plumbing , cabinets demo/Install, hanging frames/ mirrors, blinds install., and all other small...

Screen Enclosure Services

Looking for Screen Enclosure in this area? Then you are in the right place!

Living in Florida and having a Pool, Patio, Lanai, Entry or an outside space that you can't use it's not worthly. We can help you to use these places and enjoying them with families and friends. We do all Screen Enclosure Services, focusing on Windermere, Winter...

Service Hours/ Information

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Molding and Casing

One of the most important finishes that gives the last touch to a home are the Molding and Casing.

People try to improve their homes, just moved to a new home, and old house that needs renovations or even before selling your house. Here we can help you no just to install them but also to get the best that fix on your home. We offer installation, repair and upgrades/ downgrades

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Licensed & Insured

Interior and Exterior Door and Hardware Repair / Installation

From the security, look, design and style point of views just to mention some, our homes are equipped with different type and size of doors.

With the normal use of this doors, sometimes the weather conditions, or even kids, dogs, parties. Different reasons why you have to fix them or replace them.

407Handyman has more than ...